Underscore: New Book

Underscore book cover

May 17, 2023

Underscore. It’s the story of a man wandering through a homeless shelter looking for himself. He’s everywhere and nowhere, and unsure what to make of what he sees. He’ll tell you, though, with certainty, that he’s the real deal.

Available for pre-order, with delivery expected May 30.  Buy a copy now.

I’m not alone; homeless men and women do a zombie stagger to the same place. Their donated coats and too-long hair carry the harsh day with them. They walk together like churchgoers, humming conversation that’s as hard to hear as it is to understand.

The poetic tale ‘Underscore’ meets between Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ and Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl,’ modern spoken word, and a one-man ‘Waiting for Godot.’ Experience this trip into wretched sobriety through the eyes of a soup kitchen visitor. He needs to know about the drunks on Wood Street and why the chess master is playing a game against a priest. This rhythmic story will draw you into its chaos and pull you closer to the truth and lies.

Along the way there’s a dog, Goodpaper, which is as mysterious as he is common.

BONUS: Five more gritty rhythmic pieces delving into the visceral side of the human psyche.

  • Love Song for Charlie Parker
  • After Leaving Chicago
  • Patrick Henry is Dead
  • The Ferryman
  • golgotha

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