Writing Critique Group

We all need a second pair of eyes. Why not have several people discuss your work… at once? Join our monthly Zoom writing critique group.


Receive live critiques from writers who are at your level.

We know writing can be a lonely time. Most of us work in cafes, libraries, and basement offices.

Not only will you gain feedback about your work in progress, but you’ll gain community.

Led by Anthony Trendl, writing counsel to executives and leaders worldwide.


All fiction.

We employ the sandwich method. This enforces the fact that your writing is good, with an honest review in the middle.

Submissions are sent a week before via email.

Each reviewer offers an overall positive impression, then goes line-by-line through the submission.

While being critiqued, the writer is quiet. He or she listens, learning from each other. The next reviewer assesses the writing, and so on.

Word counts are specific to each group.

Disclosure: Rated PG. That means avoiding profanity and sex scenes. No disrespecting of religious beliefs. This allows us to draw in the widest range of writers. We reserve the right to ensure writers will be compatible with other writers, and that their work is suitable for our group. 


Anthony Trendl with espressoMy Experience

  • Three decades of professional writing. My fiction, poetry, and business writing have been read by millions of people. I’ve been published and quoted in leading periodicals. 
  • I have led critique groups over the last 15 years.
  • I have coached writers and public speakers one-on-one throughout my career.

Take your writing to the next level.

You will learn…

  • To edit your own fiction
  • To create compelling characters
  • To develop exciting settings
  • About writing opportunities, resources, and conferences

11 Sessions Each

For the writer just getting started.
Emphasis on overall writing tips, motivation, and encouragement.
You’ll learn how to critique, providing the balance of a constructive review.
You’ll also receive monthly writing prompts.

1 hour / 60 minutes
1,000 word limit
Minimum 4 people
Limit 6 people

For the active, serious writer who is looking to push forward.
Emphasis on tone, pacing, setting, plot structure, and character development.

2 hours / 120 minutes
1,500 word limit
Minimum 4 people
Limit 6 people