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I am a speechwriter for private and business clients. Olympians, generals, and CEOs across the world depend on my words and coaching to present their message.


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My poetry has been published in “Decision Magazine,” and my marketing writing has been published in trade publications and websites internationally. My book reviews have been quoted in books, magazines and websites everywhere. I’ve written devotional content for Tyndale House Publishers and Worthy Publishers. I have helped write books on Eastern European genealogical research and published several short stories through Tree Fort Booksmore

A Lot More

I’m a backyard animal behaviorist. That’s probably not the right word, but the fauna around my home fascinates me. I’m even more an amateur photographer. Ordinary things are filled with curious bits. You can see some photos on my Instagram page. Some cool tree and bugs one here. And I made a whole website dedicated to the Joro Spider. That’s an Asian spider that somehow found its way exclusively (for now) to my corner of Georgia. I think it will take over the South. We’ll see.

An avid runner, I compete in local road races with little success but I enjoy every step. Or, at least I used to be an avid runner. I’m getting back into shape after a multi-year pause. For those of you who care, my all-time 5K PR is 15:37, and my old guy PR is 21:35.

I also play a mean game of chess. Unfortunately, mean does not equate good. I get mean when I lose, which, these days, is often. I held my own on the high school chess team, but that was a few years decades back.

On my most relaxed days, I’m sitting on my deck with the grill fired up. I’m in pursuit of the perfect All-American cheeseburger. Here’s an earlier attempt. I’ve gotten better since.


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