Anthony Trendl

Inspirational Public Speaker, Speechwriter, Creativity Leader


Anthony Trendl is a world-class speechwriter who will teach your audience to communicate better.

  • I’ll help you fund raise, encourage and inspire.
  • I’ll help you write the speeches you need.
  • And I’ll offer sage creative counsel for more complicated questions.
Read my weird tale, The First Time You Die Two dead men tour a cemetery learning about life almost ever-after. For your Kindle.

Hear the beginning of Louis and Roger's story. Roger learns the body he has is better (and worse) than the body he had.

"When it's your time to go, it's your time to go. There's no negotiating that. No one ever dies early. No one is ever late for death."


Creative Thought Service

When you need ideas quick, I can help. I bring creativity behind the scenes and on the fly.

When you need ideas that meet your goals, call me.

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Audience of Millions

Millions of people have read my writing and heard my speeches.

Looking for something with a literary twist? As a speaker and speechwriter, let me help you.

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Writing Your Way

Speeches, poetry, short fiction, reviews, and plenty of “you name it.”

I’ve worn a lot of writing hats over the years. Let’s have fun.

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Exciting Speaker

Got an event coming up and you need excitement at the podium? Need someone who gets behind your organization with intelligence and zeal? I’m ready.

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My specialty is simplicity. I can take your message, and break it down into terms the layman understands while including everything he needs to know. That’s what a speechwriter does. With humor, poetic flair, or concrete clarity, your message will be built toward achieving your goals. I can ghost write your messages, letters, or speeches, helping you express yourself in your voice. Any tone, voice or style you need. Your message will sound like you at your best.

Oh, and by the way, that’s a dog doing yoga. 

Whether you are looking for a speech, someone to teach your team, an inspirational keynote speaker, I can help. I’ve written about every sort of media — not just speeches. I’ve been commissioned to write commercials (radio and TV), poetry, annual reports, press releases, personal letters, and song lyrics.

I’ve spoken at major companies, universities, and a myriad of dinners. I’ve given talks on communications, strategic conversation, and relation building.

I’ve advised Fortune 500 leaders, college presidents, and celebrities, helping them influence their employees and audiences.

Whether you need someone to guide the conversation, write the conversation, or be the conversation, I’m eager to stand with you. Let’s get this going. Give me a call today.

Communication Skills Classes

New ways to improve your executive communication skills. English Conversation Table – English language training groups for executives Soft Skills Primer – Teaching executive-level communication  Read my recent tale set in a cemetery: The First Time You Die...

New Short Story About Two Dead Guys

My new short story is now available at Amazon. It’s called "The First Time You Die." Two dead guys are having a little chat. Sort of. Please buy and copy, or, if you have Kindle Unlimited, read it that way. It will take average readers about 30 minutes. If you like...