Creative Thought Service

Creativity behind the scenes and on the fly. Decades of speeches on display.

When you need ideas that meet your goals, call me.

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Audience of Millions

Millions of people have read my writing and heard my speeches.

Looking for something with a literary twist? Let me help you.

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Writing Galore

Speeches, poetry, short fiction, reviews, and plenty of "you name it."

I've worn a lot of writing hats over the years. Let's have fun.

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My specialty is simplicity. I can take your message, and break it down into terms the layman understands while including everything he needs to know. With humor, poetic flair, or concrete clarity, your message will be built toward achieving your goals. I can ghost write your messages, letters, or speeches, helping you express yourself in your voice. Any tone, voice or style you need. Your message will sound like you.

Oh, and by the way, that's a dog doing yoga.

dog doing yoga

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