Exotic Writing Services

No, not exotic. Exotic. See, no italics. We keep it clean. That said, along the way, I’ve written for a colorful menagerie of clients. There are times a client needs something offbeat. They need exotic writing services. I have worn a lot of unusual writing hats. My fingerprints are on documents in the EU, personal letters to world leaders, commissioned poetry, TV commercials, fundraising appeals, and more.

Recent Projects

  • Scripting a remorse speech for a high profile client facing a long prison sentence.
  • An invitation to President Obama for dinner (he said hopefully soon).
  • A letter from a wealthy man to his children so that they might understand the burden of money.

My clients have included billionaire philanthropists, well-known athletes, sheikhs, and completely ordinary people with a project that requires careful handling.

There’s nothing too unusual for me. There’s a fair chance I’ve done one just like it already.

Questions for the Curious

  1. What about copy for an exclusive, invite-only island jungle resort?
    Yup. Done it. It was as beautiful as you can imagine and twice as remote.

  2. An introduction for a private secretary who was secretly one of the most important people in her country?
    I did, and it was an honor. My client was the person introducing her.

  3. You didn’t write a sermon to inmates in a maximum security prison, did you?
    Indeed I did. Several. I did them in my 20s.

  4. Ever barter?
    These days, not so much. Earlier on, I helped a Hungarian restaurant write a series of press releases in exchange for gift certificates.
    Mostly, now, things are more formal. You know, a mortgage and all. I’m open to creative suggestions, though. High-end road bikes, top of line Weber grills, and vacations in Europe might intrigue me.

  5. Hmm… here’s a crazy one: a script for a trick bird act?
    Absolutely. That was one of my first jobs. Two birds which rode bikes while their trainer cracked jokes following a loose storyline.

I think you get the idea.

Whatever the topic, whatever the tone, and whatever the goal, let’s talk.