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Anthony TrendlMr. Trendl brings a full-range of knowledge to every project. He has written every aspect of internal and external communications in an international as well as hyperlocal setting, helping connect employees from India to Germany to Spain to the UK to Brazil, and back to the United States. Trained in global communications, he knows the required approach and language to promote internal branding, change management buy-in, and esprit de corps. He has led large scale meetings and communiques, but is as comfortable getting the details of the job done.

Media and techniques used include strategically scheduled e-mail, voice mail, intranet copy, speeches, and selective meetings. His software knowledge is both complete and expanding, with expert knowledge in Microsoft Powerpoint, Word and Excel, as well as standard design, graphics and web applications.

Strategy development
Editorial plans
Internal branding
Public speaking
Social media strategy
Hungarian-English translation
Business continuity messaging
Newsletter writing
Change management communications
Speech writing
Political Speechwriting
Communications process
Focus groups