Writers Working at Home

working at homeMany writers work alone. I find the freedom of working alone refreshing. No office politics and other pettiness, no commute (Atlanta traffic is horrible and leaders won't plan to resolve it), and no bad cafeteria lunches. Instead, I crank up the music, workout, and grill steak for lunch. My hours vary -- sometimes a 4-hour day, sometimes a 14-hour day. I drink better coffee at home. My office furniture matches me. And so, so few meetings.

With the lack of office politics, my clients -- usually C-suite executives -- can be candid with me and vice versa. We talk family and passions as much as business. With some, I am friends. I might work for them but I'm never their employee.

Meanwhile, I also work in cafes, libraries and wherever.

I do miss working with smart people, but as a speechwriter, I usually was the only doing what I do. I don't always like wearing all the hats, but mostly, I'm up to it. I can write, design, market. I know html and related web coding. My financials aren't complicated. All covered.

Let me talk with your staff.

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