Websites for Creatives

Websites for CreativesWebsites For Creatives

I made this website to help some friends beginning their lives as professional creative people (authors, musicians, artists). Websites for Creatives is exactly that. Anyone trying to promote their craft needs a website. I include some samples, links to buy domains and server space, and some basic tips to point them down their merry way.

Websites For Creatives is just a launching pad to an array of options. Whether you need a simple three-page site with a gallery, a managed WordPress site like mine, or a fully fledged site that can do whatever you imagine, I've got you covered.

I've known for years writers need a website. Designers too. When I worked corporate communications, freelancers would contact me looking for work. They'd say, "Take a look at my book. Let's meet."

I didn't have time to look at all their books. I'd ask to see their website first. No website? No interview. I only wanted to look at the best, not those living in the past. Future thinking artists need a website if they want to sell their work beyond the gallery in the cafe around the corner.

Take a look. Examine the options that fit your needs and your budget.

Ask yourself first if you want more business. Yes? Then, understand your market and what kind of website you need.

Your website will be what you need. You'll decide more than the colors. You'll design it all, either using a template or working from scratch, doing alone or bringing in your own web designer.

Now is the time to bring your art and writing to the world.

I'd like to speak to your group about creativity.