Virtual Reunions: High School & College Domains

Virtual Reunions Domains for Sale

During the day (and most of the night), I’m a writer. And I’m a writer who sometimes writes about writing. And I write about public speaking.

So, there’s that.

But there’s a hobby of mine. Well, not really a hobby. And not exactly moonlighting. More of an odd occasional thing. I sell domains I bought randomly.

See the picture? It is self-explanatory. Still, I’ll explain it here.

I have six very related domains to sell. My customer is probably a business organizing online reunions. Virtual reunions. I think you understand. Maybe on Zoom, Google Hangouts, I don’t know.

Virtual Reunions

I’m looking to sell six domains perfect for those leading online reunion companies. And these will help prestigious high school and colleges connect with global alumni when the crisis has passed. I manage my HS alumni FB page (2k members) — and can see how this is a great market.

The gathering of alumni has two aspects.

One is for old friends to reconnect. That’s what’s going on with my HS group. We’re unofficial, and not tied to school policy, but, we’re also respectful of the school. There’s a line between being critical and bashing. Critical commentary is allowed. Bashing is not.

The other is for fundraising. Harvard didn’t get that massive endowment from a bake sale. Bring together alumni, remind them why the school matters today and how it helped the alum back in the day, then, ask for a generous donation. I know this because I’ve written plenty of commencement speeches saying exactly that.


(note: the links all, as of this writing, head to my Amazon author page)

If interested, please let me know.