Too Many Ideas?


The life of a writer is a complicated thing. Most of us have more ideas than we have time to execute. And all of those ideas seem amazing. They are.

That would be my story as well. My story is I have lots of stories. And I’m working on some quite diligently. I have a longer short story I am getting ready to publish. Hopefully this fall. Hopefully more stories every couple of months. They are already written but need to be edited.

Ideas Galore

Each one of them is a psychological drama. Some are sci-fi, some are fantasy, some are more noir. All of them will challenge the reader to think a new way about an old thing.

Overall, I have some 30 stories in motion. A dozen or so look promising. Some of my best work in years.

More about this later.

Amazon and Goodreads

In the meanwhile, think about following me on Amazon or Goodreads. I realize intentionally checking a blog can be a bit of a hassle, Amazon and Goodreads are great places to keep up with my writing. There are some short stories there already, each quite silly. Please buy 12 of those for your closest friends, and review with maximum stars. They’re only a dollar each.