Superpowers and Election Day

little superheroSuperpowers and Election Day

In modern times, the superhero has come to the forefront. Some great writing has come from this genre. Strength beyond human power, eyesight that can pierce the deepest depth, and the ability to fly. I too have a superpower. I can vote. My vote will influence my county, my state, and my nation. There’s a status quo where I live just as where most people live. I’m not content with the status quo. Things can be better, and, by using my superpower, I will help things be better.

To Infinity and Beyond

I can’t do it alone. I need you to join me, using your superpower. When we join together, we are better than the Avengers, the Justice League, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. We are real, and there’s no Thanos who can stop us.

Who You Should You Vote For

I won’t tell you who you should vote for. Like you, I know imperfect candidates are abound. Where I live, I have candidates I agree with who I think are corrupt, candidates I disagree with who I think are honest, and candidates who simply campaign with a kind of meanness I cringe seeing. They all don’t fully deserve my vote. What will I do? I’ll do my best.

You may find that all the candidates aren’t worthy of your superpower, and you might abstain from voting for that particular office or voting completely. I get it.

If you don’t vote, please, let it be a matter of conviction and not laziness. So few people actually vote that your ability to effect change is tremendous.

Superman, Clint Barton, definitely not Logan or Capt. America — they, if real, would not waste their days arguing politics on Facebook. Tony Stark? You gotta be kidding. Batman. Nope. Not Wonder Woman. Certainly not Thor (he can’t vote anyway). No, they would do two things: They would vote and they’d stay offline and actually work on important things.

What about Spiderman? Peter Parker is too young. He gets a pass.


What about the Hulk? OK, he can do whatever he wants. Seriously. Do you want to tell him what to do? But not you and me. We should use this opportunity.

Complaining is easy. Bathing in bitterness is easy. Voting isn’t hard either.

Now, if it is still Election Day, get off your butt and go vote.

Not registered? Register now and be ready to save the world next time.

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Running for office next year? If you are running a clean campaign, I can help write your stump speech.