Sleeping on the Job

I’m at my best creatively while relaxed. It isn’t that I can’t perform under pressure, but my A-game is when I have full access to my faculties.

I have a home office and realize this allows freedoms not found in many office buildings. To relax, I’ll have familiar classic rock blasting as I write. Robert Plant and Jimi Hendrix are often my writing partners.

Or I’ll go for a walk here in hilly Georgia. Or fire up the grill. Or nap. I might work into the quiet of the night. No phone calls or other such noise then.

On the work side, I close my email when I need to focus. Sometimes, I set my laptop to airplane mode to shut off any notifications. I turn my phone off.

My client calls can sometimes go long as we sort out our goals. Sitting still isn’t my forte physically or intellectually so I, again, go for a walk. It keeps me alert and working on all cylinders.

I happen to love my work and the related pressures. But I need to get out and rock out.