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Presidential Speechwriter. A lofty term, isn't it. JFK? Ronald Reagan? Barack Obama? All had impressive oratory skills, much to the chagrin and defiance of their lesser-able opponents.

It means I write presidentially. It doesn't, in my case, imply I write for a particular president.

Political writing is essentially like any other speech. There is a call to action, an understanding of the audience, the end goals of the speaker. What makes it different is the often intense milieu around it.

Cheering, jeers, anger, hope. How does the candidate corral the good and push off the bad?

That's my job and that's why I started Presidential Speechwriter. They are hiring the same speechwriter but I wanted to ensure they found me and understood what I could do. I wanted it t also be clear how my approach is non-negotiably positve.

Take a look. Suggest my company to your candidate.

In the meanwhile, look around. See what else I can do.