My Presidential Alert Domain Adventure

presidential alert domainUpdate: Bid now (through GoDaddy Auctions).

I am looking to drive legitimate traffic to my speech writing website. I buy domains as they occur to me and point them to the relevant page. In this case, I bought a month or two ago. I sent visitors to that domain to my page describing my service writing all-company alerts, voicemail, and the like. Buying the presidential alert domain hasn’t delivered Men in Black to my door… yet.

Then, whammy!

It turns out to be a big deal.

The Presidential Alert Domain

FEMA’s Wireless Emergency Alert system text is colloquially called a presidential alert. I received mine so I’m part of the in-crowd, along with almost everyone else. I thought it was an Amber alert and clicked off it immediately without looking. Because I was in a conversation, I planned to check it later. Amber alerts, however annoying, are a good thing.

I’m So Smart

Now, all my friends in the tech world think I’m brilliant. I’m not. I’m a guy looking for good clients who is generally aware of marketing. That said, I’m quite entertained by the curiosity my domain is offering. I even found a couple domain sites discussing it. One site even included a screenshot of my page (complete with a typo I have since fixed). Thanks, Domain Gang, whoever you are! I’m learning what an intense and educated industry the domain reseller world is. I’m learning.

As I mentioned to someone on my Facebook page, I feel like Jed Clampett in the theme:

And then one day he was shootin at some food,
And up through the ground come a bubblin crude.

Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

I figure I’ll get a few days of interest, and then, no one will care. I am temporarily seeing some increased traffic, so I decided to include a few Google and Amazon ads, and mention it on my Facebook page, LinkedIn and so on. And, I offered the presidential alert domain for sale, whimsically, but seriously. Apparently, these things can get pricey. I do like that. As such, with no idea if this domain is worth significantly more face value (after this week), I’ll see if anyone offers me money, talk to some friends who know more than I do, and go from there. I’ve never sold a domain in my life, so here comes the adventure. Here’s to buying a cup of coffee!

Meanwhile, here’s what I usually do: Services.