Midwest Beauty

Midwest Beauty

Sunset - Midwest BeautyI live in Georgia, but the Midwest beauty is as stunning as it is subtle.

In the Midwest, up and down Illinois, we have a beauty surpassing anything in Colorado. Those who are consumed by only the magnificent mountains can miss the subtler colors and sounds that can be felt here near Chicago, in Bloomington, but also in Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere in these Midwestern United States.

The cool moonlight in April drifting in and out of clouds, as the dew explores the tops of cars in driveways.

The sunrise over a gentle green cornfield swaying in an August wind presenting next month's meal.

The sweet smell of a soybeans wafting across town just before harvest.

The crunch of leaves mostly brown on my lawn, blown in from the neighbor north of me.

The fierce February snow pulsing across a parking lot while I search for car keys.

The first crack of ice as it melts beneath a March sun as the radio sportscaster argues with a caller who should be the starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

Splash some lemonade into your favorite tall glass, and meet me on the porch. We have a lot to take in.

The scene in the photo: It is a view from a deck at a friend's summer home at Lake Donnell in southwestern Michigan.

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