Looking for a Literary Agent

Author Anthony Trendl

I'm looking for a literary agent. That's hard work.

I'll cut to the chase: If you are an agent for picture books, let's talk. I'm ready.

So far, one of my picture books has been rejected. I received a kind but generic "no thanks" email this week. I'm just getting started so I'm not discouraged.

There could be a full range of reasons:

  1. My book is amazing, but I'm unknown or haven't their required social media presence.
  2. My book is amazing, but they've just done one just like it.
  3. My book is amazing, but too old school.
  4. My book is pretty good, but misses that "wow."
  5. They want to see art too (I only sent text).
  6. I'm not the demographic they want.
  7. My book stunk.

Maybe they've a different reason. I'm going with #2. I think the book is amazing, but I simply need to find a literary agent who hasn't handled one like it. Because I don't know and because I think my book is amazing, I'll keep pressing on.

I've also learned there are a lot more literary agents than I expected. That's encouraging, but daunting. Furthermore, they specialize to a fine degree.

They love meeting writers at writing conferences.

They are accessible. No, they won't take my call, but querying is easier than ever. I can find them on Twitter and elsewhere.

My Challenges

I have decades of writing experience but am unpublished (aside from some self-pubbed tales).

I try to keep my social media follows and followers legit. My numbers represent, as best as I know how, real people. I didn't hire someone on Fiverr to pad them with bot follows.

My interests range wide.

Right now, I'm trying to shop two children's books. Both are picture books. Both are modern tall tales. One is especially warm, with a strong sense of neighborhood and nature. The other is a silly, ridiculous story with a surprise ending, set in 20 quatrains. Influences for those are Harold and the Purple Crayon, author John Peterson, author Arnold Lobel, and author Richard Scarry.

But I'm also hard at work on some sci/fi, speculative fiction, psychological drama short stories. Literary tone. Influences for those are Edgar Allan Poe and the Twilight Zone, with a dose of Flannery O'Connor.

Toss in the mix a book+ about aspects of speech writing, and I'm angling for fish in several ponds.

My Strengths

  • I've a wide range of interests: I can write a lot about a lot.
  • I'm comfortable giving talks, doing radio interviews, and so on. I'm warm, enthusiastic, and engaging.
  • I love people. I love listening to their stories and learning about their lives.
  • I work for top executives now, but I've taught inmates and grade school kids alike.
  • I'm tech friendly. I maintain a network of websites and social media accounts.

Let's work something out, agents. Contact me.