Imperfect People Can Make an Impact

Imperfect People Can Make an Impact

imperfect peopleMy respect for Martin Luther King Jr. is tremendous.

As a speechwriter, he was phenomenal. As a leader, he was legendary. Imperfect, yes. Were there things that I wish weren't true? Yes. I will let the biographers sort out all of that. I'm unconcerned with his warts. Those are not for me to assess.

I appreciate what he did from America, all of it. He spoke of freedom and he spoke freely, and he died because there was someone who wished he didn't speak. Racism still exists. The KKK and trash like them still wants to burn crosses at Stone Mountain in Georgia (and are denied).

Good people remain. Good people keep standing up. Good people are still speaking out. They are agents of change, impacting the world around them despite their imperfections. Who among us is perfect? I certainly am not. My failures and imperfections are many. If you know me well enough, you may have endured one of those failures. I'm not proud of that. But, we must continue to press forward. Martin's dream is still alive, but it's up to us to push it forward.

I know many of my fellow speechwriters use their voice to make this world better. I know many of my clients give generously and lead us toward freedom continually. Keep pressing on however imperfectly. Thank you!

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