Happy Birthday This Good Morning

For you, for all, whoever’s birthday this is, including mine.

Good morning on this most morning of days, the celebration of your birthday.

In the morning, there is a fresh air, the kind which is never found in the afternoon. Flooded with goodness, flooded with grace, mornings put an end to sleep, to darkness and to previous things. Birthdays are the counting of mornings accumulated thus far, and joyously agreeing that our Jesus has loved you, is loving you, and will love you.

Better than evening in a meadow, morning air invigorates as it presents the life of the day. The Lord, whose Spirit is the freshest of all air, is the eternal morning. It is the Lord who created, who breathed life into a nonexistent world, who lifted Adam from dust, and who brought His Son back from the deadest place. It is the Lord who will be there to welcome us in Heaven, now, or later, but He has for us a beautiful place where no darkness exists.

Good morning, because morning is good. God created the beginning, and was there when it began, the birth of all that is created. He saw that what He made was good. He called for light, and light there was, the first morning, the birthday of time. Good. All God creates is good.

Good morning, too, as this is the day the Lord has made. All days He has made, and with each a good morning. Good morning, as all days up until this point in your life have been the Lord’s, some of which you gave to Him moving forward when you gave to Him your soul and your life on Earth, all of your days. All your birthdays become more precious and blessed since they are no longer applauding your day, but Our Father’s good work. So this morning begins with acclamation and cheers.

Good morning, this is, because you are the Lord’s, whose love and mercy is new to us every morning. You are His servant, as is your spouse — you are two who have become one, which, as you are His, this oneness is magnified.

With love, your brother who sees the sun rising always, who knows the Lord’s grace, and who knows from whom my help comes from,

Anthony Trendl