Deadpool Review: Bottom on List of Marvel Movies

Deadpool Review: Bottom on List of Marvel Movies

devotees can move on. I’m about to dis your baby… harshly. And parents watching with your kids, keep in mind you might be fast-forwarding through more than a few scenes.

Deadpool needs a mix of Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, and Bradley Cooper, with James Gunn writing, and a host of other matters. I’m not bothering with Deadpool 2.

* The jokes felt awkwardly funny and were re-used throughout the movie.
* The villain’s character wasn’t not well-established.
* Too many sensual scenes that added only to titillation and not to the plot.
* Cliche pose shots used ad nauseam.
* Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool/Wade Wilson) overplayed his character. He fit the costume but nothing more. It seemed as if casting wanted Jeffrey Donovan, but got Reynolds instead.
* Wilson’s relationship with Vanessa (played by Morena Baccarin) is superficial, based on sex. It is difficult to believe Wilson loves her. She’s great eye-candy, but her acting skills are underused.
* The origin story was rushed through.
* Some secondary characters, especially Negasonic Teenage Warhead, are crammed in and poorly acted. Brianna Hildebrand (NTW) brings nothing to the role. It feels like she was reading bad indie teen fiction when developing her personality.

T. J. Miller, who portrays Weasel (Wilson’s best friend) does a great job. Weasel is the only genuinely complex character.

I’d skip unless you like like hot scenes, the F-bomb and are tired of waiting for the next Avengers movie. This is for the Budweiser commercial fan. Teenage boys will love it.