Curious? Jump. (Fear gets you nowhere.)

Mama birds sometimes push their children out of the nest to fly. The ones which impress me are the ones which jump on their own. Why birds do things the way they do is beyond me, but I love that they want to explore the greater world so much that they take big risks.

They aren’t foolish risks. They have wings and they have experience watching others jump successfully. Haven’t you? Look at the libraries filled with books. All of those writers jumped. Add in anyone ever who did something magnificent.

Fear gets you nowhere.

We need to be curious. We need to be, as Rudyard Kipling wrote in his short story, The Elephant’s Child, “insatiably curious.” Curiosity without end. Look under each rock and leaf. Wonder what’s at the end of the universe and how it began. Imagine, “What if I tried my best…”
Leap Into the Unknown: Be Curious

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