Trendl Communications
News and Key Accomplishments
September 2012 
Series of speeches for private client.
September 2012  
Ten Things About Bluster County humor tale
September 2012 
Official Twitter account passes 800 followers 
September 2012
E-communications strategy consultation for Madrid-based nonprofit.
August 2012 
Website copy for National Safety Council microsite.
August 2012 
Award acceptance speech for private client.
July 2012
Author page on Facebook passes 350 members. 
July 2012 
Official Twitter account passes 750 followers
June 2012 Published My Biggest Game: A Baseball Story: A Bluster County Tale on Kindle, through Tree Fort Books.
June 2012 Published How Wind Began: The Story of Pepper Jack: A Bluster County Tale on Kindle, through Tree Fort Books.
June 2012 Published The Boy Who Hated Doing Everything: A Bluster County Tale on Kindle, through Tree Fort Books.
June 2012 Published Escape from Hicklebirkle Manor: A Bluster County Tale on Kindle, through Tree Fort Books.
June 2012 Anthony Trendl's Amazon Author Page is published.
May 2012 Published Mr. Smith and His Delicious Ice Cream: A Bluster County Tale on Kindle, through Tree Fort Books.
May 2012 Giving a Wedding Speech? Five Tips to Make it Better (article)
May 2012 Richard's Magnificent Olfactics (a fable) humor tale
February 2012 In the Shelves humor tale
February 2012 Quoted in the RedEye (Chicago Tribune publication)
January 2012 Escape from Hicklebirkle Manor humor tale
January 2012 Appointed by the mayor to the City of Wheaton (Illinois) Fine Arts and Culture Commission for a three-year term.
December 2011 Developed author page on Facebook. Please click 'like.'
December 2011 How Wind Began: The Story of Pepper Jack humor tale
October 2011 Won first stage of the Atlanta Marathon's Make a Runner Smile Signage Contest, a humorous sign-writing competition.
October 2011 The Crematorium Ghost Cloud humor tale (ghost story)
September 2011 Every Day With Jesus published by Worthy Publishing. I wrote 12 pages. (book)
September 2011 The Boy Who Hated Doing Everything humor tale
August 2011 Introductory speech for CEO of major housing redevelopment organization.
August 2011 Mr. Smith and His Delicious Ice Cream humor tale
July 2011 Leroy the Butterfly: Interview With a Gadfly humor tale
July 2011 The Greatest Boy Ever is born!
July 2011 Wrote Facebook profile page for client
July 2011 Wrote two major speeches (two different speakers) for annual fundraiser for group of Brooklyn-based addiction recovery clinics
June 2011 Wrote annual report for client
June 2011 Cannonball's Run humor tale
June 2011  Wrote and coached wedding speech for step-father-of-the-bride
June 2011 Wrote internal coporate speech for nationally-known moving company
June 2011 Delivered private speech at private event in Willowbrook, IL
June 2011 Wrote wedding speech for father-of-the-groom, delivered in a Spanish castle
June 2011 Delivered private speech in Middlebury, VT
June 2011 High school commencement speech and training for keynote speaker, 2,500 in audience
May 2011  The Raging Giant Blue Goldfish humor tale
May 2011 Wedding and rehearsal speech for client (brother of the bride)
May 2011 Why Four Sheep Had Their Hooves on Backwards humor tale
May 2011 Began writing contract at APICS
May 2011 Launched Facebook page supporting Bluster County Blues
May 2011 Mountain Cat Charlie Runs Again humor tale
May 2011 The Sound and Fury of An Elephant's Graveyard humor tale
May 2011 Launched Buster County Blues humor column
April 2011 Speech for Maid of Honor wedding speech
April 2011 A Runner Dies, A Runner Wins, A Runner Runs (to End Homelessness) column article
April 2011 Five Tips for Delivering a Great Wedding Speech feature article
April 2011 Get Trained by an Olympian column article
March 2011 Launched the Nursery Rhyme Project, storytelling series
March 2011 Deserted Driveway; Forgotten Memories artistic photo
March 2011 A Runner's Dilemma column article
March 2011 Ice Cream Running column article
March 2011 Red Bandana: Charlie Sheen-free Running (With Excuses) column article
March 2011 What Kind of Runner Are You? column article
March 2011 Brochure content and bio for Chicago musician (private)
February 2011 The Colorful Range of Runners column article
February 2011 Launched, a site focused on my work as a speechwriter.
February 2011 Marathon Training Begins (Slowly)
February 2011

Should You Tweet and Run? column article

February 2011 Dashing Through the Snow – Tips for Runners column article
January 2011 500 Feet of Snow Expected: Tuesday Has Been Cancelled (Humor) column article
January 2011 Fitness Pioneer Jack LaLanne Dies at Age 96 column article
January 2011

Get Fired Up for Fitness This Winter column article

January 2011 Don't Let Age Cause You To Scream column article
January 2011 Resolutely Speaking: Fighting for Fitness in 2011 column article
December 2010

Things a Runner Can Do While Sick column article

December 2010 Tubby Santa Claus Should Workout column article
December 2010  Two vignettes about my running experience were chosen to be published in "A Runner's Devotional" to be published in Fall, 2011 by Tyndale House Publishers. publishing credit
December 2010 Red VelvetIndulge Your Miles at the Brickhouse Bakery and Cafe column article
December 2010 The Joy of Winter column article
December 2010 A Run to Remember column article
December 2010 Begun website overhaul and maintenance of Mark Cantey Associates (a CPA firm specializing in condominiums)
November 2010

New Year's Day (A Month Early) column article

November 2010 Thanksgiving and the Common Runner: How to Survive Gorging Yourself column article
November 2010 Opened shop as a GoDaddy reseller. If you need a website for your business, see what I can do for you. Much lower prices than GoDaddy themselves.
November 2010 Learning BBQ With Steven Raichlen column article
November 2010 Do Not Run and Play Air Guitar & "Run to Overcome" by Marathoner Meb Keflezighi Reviewed column article
November 2010 Trendl's Tweet Earns Twitter's TopTweet Status. More Twitter
October 2010 Lost and Found: Subway's Jared Fogle and Us column article
October 2010 An Argument for Walking column article
October 2010 DeStressing Through a Long Saturday Run column article
October 2010 High School Students at Chicago Marathon and a 2011 Challenge column article
October 2010 A Brother Honors His Sister wedding speech/toast
October 2010 Are You Running the Chicago Marathon? column article
September 2010 Play With Your Words, Please: Facebook Group "Word:Word" Draws Word Game Fans From Across the Globe press release
September 2010 Walk, Absorb, Click column article
September 2010 Blue Girl Group Cheers On Hundreds of Runners column article
September 2010 Walking By An Egyptian Obelisk column article
September 2010 Only 600,000 Steps To Fitness column article
August 2010 A Red-tailed Hawk and A BBQ Relapse column article
August 2010 A Good Run is (Not) Hard to Find column article
August 2010 Newspaper column launched in Chicago Tribune's TribLocal: The Red Bandana: Finding Fitness Through Running As Told By An Out Of Shape 40-something Guy. See first column. See more.
August 2010 Swamp Rose MallowPhotograph published in Chicago Tribune print edition for Lisle, Illinois. Swamp Rose Mallow, taken at the Morton Arboretum.
July 2010 Toy Story 3 Tweet-sized review is published by ChicagoNow's Fast-Paised Movies. 121 characters and alliterative. Follow me on Twitter.
June 2010
Relaunched website with a fresher, more user-friendly design.
June 2010
Began marketing campaign for freelance and long-term consulting. Includes postcard and business card design. Google AdWords, Microsoft Advertising (Bing), and Facebook ads.
June 2010 Developed a page highlighting Hungarian goulash.
March 2010
Relaunched weekly Wheaton Bible Church Men's Ministry HTML newsletter via Constant Contact.
March 2010
Won "Chuck Norris Birthday Facts" contest hosted by Tyndale House Publishers with my five suggested facts to win an autographed copy of The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck's Favorite Facts and Stories. According to Adam Sabados, Tyndale's PR person, Chuck Norris will not sign the book. He will tell the pen to sign.
January 2010
The Chicago Tribune's North Shore edition of TribLocal quotes one of my Tweets.
January 2010
Launched Wheaton Bible Church Men's Ministry Twitter to promote their activities.
January 2010
Launched Anthony Trendl Radio where I am presenting periodic audio performances of observational essays and storytelling.
December 2009
Launched promotional Facebook business page for client, the Epicurean Hungarian Restaurant, allowing them to better connect with happy customers.
November 2009
Published Letter to the Editor in Runner's World. Discussed the history of great American milers.
October 2009
Judged online debate tournament via Skype on behalf of the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association. "Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should significantly reform its environmental policy."
June 2009
Produced Connection (dated, shipped June 2009). Cowrote cover and several feature articles. Also wrote news section. Provided creative direction to designer, worked with printer. Took cover photo.
June 2009 Produced 16-page graduation program.
June 2009
Staff photographer of 2009 high school graduation. Photos highlighted on website and various publications.
June 2009
Developed Facebook presence for employer after conducting several focus groups and related research.
May 2009
Designed and produced program for Grammy Award winners Turtle Island Quartet concert.
April 2009 Designed brochure supporting fundraising efforts.
April 2009
Worked with outside agency in placing employer on major network TV news (WGN-TV Around Town). Other placements include the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, several other newspapers. Photo used by Tribune (not credited).
April 2009
Relaunched weekly e-newsletter to increase production efficiency and user experience.
March 2009
Wrote several articles for, designed, produced a one-page newsletter to key donors.
March 2009
Performed poetry and gave short discussion on 1960s Beat-style poetry. See YouTube of one piece: Love Song for Charlie Parker.
February 2009
As managing editor of tabloid-sized glossy newsletter, I produced Connection (dated, shipped February 2009). Wrote cover and two main feature articles. Also wrote news section. Provided creative direction to designer, worked with printer.
January 2009
Developed 2009-2010 communications plan (based on academic year), including editorial plan.
December 2008 Produced several Christmas concert programs in-house.
November 2008
Launched personal and professional Facebook presence with several niche groups, attracting hundreds of regular responses.
November 2008 Placed stories in Chicago Tribune for employer.
September 2008 Became Wheaton Academy's Director of Communications
July 2008 Emcee, private event
June-July 2008 Launched and maintain for three-time Olympian Jim Spivey, promoting his public speaking and professional coaching services. Includes planning/strategy, structure, writing and editing, SEO and promotion.
June 2008 Launched and maintain
May 2008 Launched and maintain Karitos Arts Conference 2008, a blog promoting an annual arts event. Includes planning/strategy, structure, writing, SEO and promotion.
April 2008 Among keynote speakers at fundraising dinner regarding the history and importance of a Illinois State University campus organization.
Winter 2008 NHV Book Review As Time Elapses and Sustains - The Lost Rider: A Bilingual Anthology by Ágnes Vashegyi MacDonald (New Hungarian Voice, Winter 2008: Volume VI - Issue I) (regarding my review of classic Hungarian poetry, The Lost Rider: A Bilingual Anthology.