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Job Letters for Executives
Why Invest in a Writer?
If I save you even one day away from unemployment, you are ahead.

For executives looking for positions @ $100K+.

Contact me now.

With the economy challenging the job market, every edge makes a difference.

The first thing HR sees is your resume and a cover letter. You get one shot, and that shot needs to be on the mark. You need to be sure you will get a call.

What I Offer
I will review your resume, interview you and get an idea what you need to say. Then, I will write your letter.

It is that simple.

You might be an excellent IT director, or vice president of finance. Or, you lead a major division with hundreds of project managers. Your skill is in leadership. Mine is helping corporate leaders look good.

I am discreet. Your name goes on the bottom of the letter, not mine. Your skills are what they are buying. My job is to help begin the conversation.

Allow me to help you shine.

I won't flatter you. I won't tell you what you want to hear. Instead, I will find your skills, and present them in a way that will get you the phone call you need.

Beginning at $400.
Rush jobs (overnight) are available.
Special rates for outplacement services.