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My reviewing career started in the late 1990s when I saw a book I believed important was ignored on I posted a simple look at the book, and found I had an audience. I wrote a few more.

Now, with hundreds of reviews, my work has become among the most read on Amazon, and across the web. I am quoted in magazines, websites and blogs, and books.

I make no pretense to suggest that my reading list is consistent, my views are fair, or that my opinion matters more than yours. Just as you, I come completely independent of mind and opinion.

Special interest: newspaper or magazine review column.
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My curiosity drives me to explore unexpected alleyways, and this same curiosity pulls me away unexpectedly to follow another thought.

Robert Frost says a poet learns not from books, but serendipitously, much as a dog catches burrs on its fur while running through a field. I admire such dogs.

My first literary love is poetry. However, I'm just as content reading 'Frank and Ernest,' sundry nonfiction books, and odd little dictionaries as I am reading Poe or Hopkins or Masters.

Books and writing aren't my life. They are part of me, but not the whole. You might find me listening to jazz or folk music some evening, making apple sauce or watching a cicada leave its shell upon a tree stump.

The great adventure can be as well found in the furrowed soy fields of Illinois as much as by being enraptured through reading Edgar Lee Master's intimate examination of the people named in the grass-hewn graveyards of central Illinois. The best and boldest days are often hidden in the subtle and mundane.

Where Will Your Review Show?

First of all, If your product is available there, I can review it. Depending on the subject matter: (personal blog) (running-related blog)
Review Categories and Topics
Poetry, dictionaries, Christian/religious books, old movies, Hungarian-related materials, 1960s-1970s rock CDs. See my reviews on
Books by Hungarian authors or about Hungary and Hungarian culture
Classic English-language poetry
American literature before 1930
Children's literature, including Caldecott, fables, tales
Distance running, and track and field
English language dictionaries, and discussions of words
Intercultural sociological analyses
Classic rock, blues and folk music
Classic movie DVDs
Grills and grilling products
ADD and learning disability related books
Homeschooling-related books
Christian-related books
English-subtitled or dubbed Hungarian language films
Comic strip compilations.
Magazines and audiobooks covering any of the above topics
Design software (Quark, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc.)
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Send books and products for review or potential inclusion on any of the blogs and websites. To contact me, please start here.

Anthony Trendl
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Let me know what you would like reviewed. I am selective, and that's good for you too. I prefer books and products within my subject categories, but am often willing to try something new. Keep in mind these are reviews, not product promotions. No guarantee I will like it, or review it.

Be sure to tell me something about the product. If it is a book, provide a synopsis, publisher, release date, and market.