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As a social media expert with a world-wide following, I can help your company or organization get the word out through blogs, Facebook and Twitter. You need a strategy and a plan, as well as technical know-how. I'll bring these to you quickly, and train you as needed to maintain at a low cost.

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All of It: One Man, One Place, All Said Personal blog. Some posts are interesting.

A Runner's Dilemma

Adventures and workouts of a 40-something runner trying to find the grace of running after a 20-year layoff.

Anthony Trendl Radio

Observational essays and stylized storytelling.

Facebook Groups

Hungarian Literature & on Facebook. A look at the unique range Hungarian literature. Look for a mix of updates in news about books, authors, literary events and anything related to Hungarian books and culture. Most posts are in English, but post in Hungarian if you like.

Love playing with words? Try Word:Word Facebook group. It is word game based on creatively abusing the relationships between words, with many other concurrent games members are playing. Easy to play, but I warn you, it is addictive. Already, there are over 150 members playing globally with thousands of posts. Free, with no need to download. All you need is a Facebook account.

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Mr. Trendl does not shy from the dramatic, or from complex social issues, as noted here in his spoken word recording of Golgotha: Shadowing Steps: A Tragedy. Here, he describes the people and setting surrounding a public execution as a man is walked up a platform, with a shortened piano duet version of Ravel's Bolero.

This same intensity can enliven your
Good marketing materials should be succinct. There are times when a full explanation is necessary, and times when brevity is the wiser tool.

His short tale here,
Woman on a Train: Tragic 50-Year Love Story, set to Sweet Home Chicago by Robert Johnson, shows how much can be achieved in a few words.