Trendl Communications
Anthony Trendl
Trained in American literature, with emphases in creative writing and social psychology, he understands how to reach into the heart of your audience.

Mr. Trendl worked his early career in nonprofit public relations, wearing many hats as he learned the trade of marketing, PR and general communications.

His professional writing has landed in trade journals, newspapers and magazines, and books most often ghostwritten for his clients.

Formerly, Mr. Trendl ran a private tutoring business, teaching with an energetic style in private schools, including specialized courses in storytelling and chess.

Focused now on creative communication solutions, Mr. Trendl draws from a diverse background, from teaching, public relations, marketing, and even poetry.

Published regularly as a poet, his work has been read by millions in one of the largest magazines in the world. He is occasionally hired to put a poetic flourish on speeches, presentations and marketing material.

An avid reader, he has reviewed hundreds of books for, and has led collegiate-level discussions on book reviewing.


As a runner, he races regularly, and recognizes the discipline of daily training. That same focused intensity carries through as he approaches projects large and small.