Trendl Communications
Trendl Communications: Creative Communications
 Management: Working with Leaders at Every Level
As a communications manager, I have developed editorial plans, business continuity strategies, and intranet sites for major firms throughout Chicago. From SMEs to CIOs, and everyone in between, I serve my clients with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

My application is hands-on. I manage focus groups, publishing schedules, as well as those delivering the projects: writers, designers, illustrators.

 Writing: A Man of a Thousand Voices
My specialty is simplicity. I can take your message, and break it down into terms the layman understands while including everything he needs to know. With humor, poetic flair, or concrete clarity, your message will be built toward achieving your goals. I can ghost write your messages, letters, or speeches, helping you express yourself in your voice. Any tone, voice or style you need. No, I'm not Mel Blanc, but your message will sound like you.

I have written everything from Fortune 500 executive speeches, to direct mail, brochures and web content, to reviews of Hungarian literature, to hot blogs dealing with modern issues. I can even help you put together a social media presence through Facebook and Twitter, just as I have for several clients.

Speaking: All Ages, All Environments
As part of developing communications for your team or firm, I can speak to your group about taking your message further.

I have spoken in companies across Chicago, university campuses, schools and prisons. Whether the topic is how employees can best communicate in an online context, how to succeed outside of prison, or why John Henry was "a hammering man," my focus is engaging and educational.

Teaching/Training: Telling It the Way It Should Be Told
I can train your project managers and vice presidents alike poise and elocution, media presence, and general presentation skills. Executives will deliver their message with confidence and effectiveness. I can also write the speech itself.

I have taught these skills in small groups, and one-on-one for over 15 years. On the more creative side, I taught in specialized private schools, festivals and on college campuses -- chess, storytelling, creativity and life skills. I also worked as a private tutor for 10 years, helping middle and high school students reach their potential.

As a discreet professional, creative and strategic, I work with the highest level of international firms.

Well-read in classic and current business issues, I can jump in quickly, ready to help your firm take that next step.

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