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Nursery Rhyme Project
Try Bluster County: Glorious Tales That Probably Didn't Happen Quite The Way I Tell It

You know the old nursery rhymes. You grew up reading Mother Goose, as well you should, but have you ever heard them presented as spooky tales, or tense 'high noon shoot-outs'?

Anthony Trendl puts on his storyteller hat for this series of audio-visual adventures. Masterfully matching the tone with unexpected music, he creates a mood and tempo unlike anything you ever heard in kindergarten.

See and hear, and be amazed.

Videographers and musicians
: Have ideas and the skills to back them up? Let's work together. Contact me, and send links to examples of your work.

Outside of the nursery rhyme genre -- similar approach, with original text:

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Mary Had a Little Lamb becomes an eerie tale.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider takes on a sense of futile tragedy.

Jack Be Nimble is seen as a high stakes duel.