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Hungarian Bookstore

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Read how I helped a unique cultural group reconnect. Goulash for Everyone

When in 2001, I sought a Hungarian restaurant in Chicago, I realized how difficult finding resources for the Hungarian-American, and Hungarian tourist was. No website collected books, DVDs and CDs, nor was there an easy-to-use directory of Hungarian restaurants. In my search, I learned what was being done well, and what could be done better, and went to work.

How hard it must be, then, for someone whose second language is English to find what they need in the USA, whether a doctor who speaks Hungarian, a grocery store specializing in Eastern European products, or a copy of Harry Potter in their native language.

In late 2003, I launched the, complete with thousands of products, but also several free directories of resources to help Hungarians connect with their culture in North America.

With an eye toward search engine friendliness and simple navigation, I provided almost 300 pages of content (often in two languages), with an advertising base suited for my customer needs.

Quickly, it became the source used by multiculturally-minded non-Hungarians, as well as Hungarian-Americans. The has become a primary starting point, linked in other directories, including those of the Library of Congress, influencing Hungarian business directly in the USA.

How to make goulash.

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