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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

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Whether you just need ideas to move forward a concept, or are looking to redefine a message or speech, or a fully integrated communications plan, I can help.

Read how I helped an IT department within major insurance company revitalize its image.

Blue Cross Blue Shield: Geeks No More

When Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois wanted to lift the profile of their IT department internally, they realized they needed to change perspectives. The standing view was that IT provided services like e-mail and software upgrades. While this is true, they wanted was to be viewed as innovators, impacting the efficacy and bottom line of the firm.

After learning the research, and seeing how the department was being communicated, I developed the structure for relaunching IT-related intranet content in a several-phase initiative. This included writing articles for the homepage, increasing visibility appropriate for lay readers, as well as the IT professional.

I took existing newsletters and other communiques and revised them into integrated documents, with corresponding editorial plans and messaging. This included design and editorial improvements which saved 66% per unit, reduced the publication cycle from 2.5 months to one month, and increased overall production efficiency through a templated process.

With cleaner, regular, directed communications, Blue Cross Blue Shield's IT department's internal image improved. The solution saved money, but also increased the trust and authority the department has within the firm.

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