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All of It: One Man, One Place, All Said

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All of It: One Man, One Place, All Said
Mar 24, 2017 06:56AM

President Trump's Speech to the Joint Session of Congress: A Speechwriter's Analysis

I'm remiss is maintaining this blog, but also, in particular, in linking a recent article I wrote for LinkedIn. It is a brief analysis of President Trump's recent speech to Congress.

President Trump's Speech to the Joint Session of Congress: A Speechwriter's Analysis

The response has been strong albeit occasionally inappropriate. I'm a speechwriter and so a non-partisan look at a presidential speech is of professional interest to me. As you read the comments you will see some comments are not, in fact, professional. Some lean on racism, hatred toward the President, or are merely nonsensical.

Messages directly to me accuse me of bias. What's odd is both sides (pro/anti-Trump) think I am biased against their view. That's the result of people genuinely uncomfortable with their view or those who support their view from critical inquiry.

Some people had opinions based entirely on quotes they heard on their favorite talk radio show without actually reading or watching the speech. Yeah, I know -- intellectually irresponsible. Not to worry. I include links to both in my article.

I wrote what I wrote. Take a look and decide for yourself.


Joie de vivre

Joie de vivre. I don't know French, but I just learned this phrase. It translates to "the joy of living."

We're alive. I am. You are.

Why no joy? Well, I have joy. Especially joy. I Thessalonians 5, for those of you who read and try to live out the Bible says, "Be joyful always."

Mr. Trump. Mrs. Clinton. Lots of strife in the world. There's ISIS out there trying to scare people into whatever nonsense they believe. It goes on and on.

Joy transcends strife. It is something we decide.

There's a Wikipedia page dedicated to it. Learn more there.


Leap Into The Unknown

I saw the phrase "leap into the unknown" in a CBS interview involving the #brexit Britain EU question. While I've no qualified opinion on that difficult question, I like the phrase itself.

That's what any writer does -- any creative of any sort. Not just creatives, I'm sure, but that's my world.

I've decided to use a website with that domain to publish various thoughts on bold creativity. It'll reach into related topics, but that's the gist.

Take a look:

Please share, like, an otherwise get the word out.


David Bowie's Blackstar Review: Haunting, Mysterious, Beautiful, Heartbreaking

My review of David Bowie's Blackstar on Amazon seems to attracting some interest. I'd be honored if you took a look and let me know what you think.


David Bowie: A Sort of Eulogy & Blackstar Review

Anyone awake now knows David Bowie is dead. I learned when Kevin Max, a musician around my age, posted a quick note around 1 a.m. Chicago-time. Max only showed a picture and a quick ?RIP? and a word or two. No names. No links to Bowie?s official page or some story in the New York Times. What else could he say? It was more than I wanted to know. I wanted to believe he was caught up in one of those horrid hoaxes. I wanted to believe that Ziggy Stardust would never die...

Here's the full piece:

My review of Blackstar on Amazon. "Haunting, Mysterious, Beautiful, Heartbreaking"


Let's Talk About ISIS? No, About You, About Me

My newest article on LinkedIn: Let's Talk About ISIS? No, About You, About Me.

I draw in the Beatles, ISIS, Barbra Streisand and a cold beer all in one article. 


Be a Great Human: Be Fearless: Beyond ISIS

My newest article on LinkedIn. Please share.

Be a Great Human: Be Fearless

Usually, I post something about public speaking or speech writing. Not today. I?m sitting in a cafe listening to jazz, drinking freshly roasted coffee before I begin my workday.

Behind me, a few people have met to discuss a business deal, and a couple others are laughing about something they did yesterday. A man and a woman smile and embrace as she enters the cafe. For me, it could be any day. But it isn't.

read more here